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Savannah Striders Racing Team
The team will represent the Savannah Striders at local races.
1) Need to be a member in good standing for a minimum of 3 months.
2) Need to meet minimum qualifying time in one race category from a 5K up to a marathon or qualify for the Boston Marathon.
3) Official team runs held the 1st Sunday of every month at the Bridge. Team members must make at least 50% of team runs.
4) Must complete application and reapply on a yearly basis.
5) Agree to volunteer for a minimum of 2 Strider races per year.
6) Race Team Committee will review applications yearly and vote the new member onto the team.
7) Group leaders must stay in good standings or they can be voted off.
8) Team members must compete in at least 3 of the 6 races picked by the committee.


1) The esteem, respect and admiration of your fellow Striders and the entire running community
2) An exclusive Strider racing jersey at a grossly discounted rate.
3) Receive assistance with entry fees for one or two races.

The Boston Marathon qualifying times are good for the Marathon.

Men 39 and Younger
5K- 18:30 mins
Half Marathon - 1:25:00

Women 39 and Younger
5K - 20:30
Half Marathon - 1:34:00

Men 40 - 54
5K - 19:30
Half Marathon - 1:34:00

Women 40 - 54
5K - 21:30
Half Marathon - 1:44:00

Men 55+
5K - 21:30
Half Marathon - 1:44:00

Women 55+
5K - 24:30
Half Marathon - 1:54:00 
Please fill out the following info and email it to

Basic Info:

Name: ___________________________________________

 Male:_____ Female: _______
 Address: _________________________________ 

 City:__________________State: _______Zip: ____________________

 Email: ______________________________

 Age: ____ Birth Date:_____________ 

 Phone: ______________________

 Please list 2013/2014 Best Times & Race Achieved In:


 Half Marathon___________________________________

 10K___________________________________ 5K_________________________________

 Number of races you participated in 2013:_______________

 Are you a current Savannah Strider member? ____________

 How long do you plan on being in the Savannah area?_____________